Text Box: “Being a winner is more than winning a bidding contest”       
“The SuperVoid Advantage”


Effective Project Strategies 

Waterproof - Void Forms / Carton Forms

                          “Being a winner is more than winning a bidding contest”  

(Effective Project Strategy) 

Let me introduce you to a great product that is appropriately called, “SuperVoid”, a waterproof void form or (aka, carton forms). As you well know, many areas of the U.S. and especially the Gulf Coastal states of AL, GA, MS, LA, TX, FL,  are known to have extensive problem soils, some areas worse than others. 

These waterproof void products will enable you to not only achieve, but most often, advance your CPS (Critical Path Schedules). Especially so in the grade beams, no special product storage is required and installation can continue, despite current or pending weather conditions…!!  

With the SuperVoid Advantage, you’ll be able to get more of your project ready ahead of schedules. Stretch out and set up for larger areas of concrete placement. Unlike your past experiences of having to think and work around protecting cardboard paper voids.  With the SuperVoid Advantage you’re in control of the scheduled activity, keep it in progress without weather worries.  Control Your Project!!

Especially so with Grade Beams !!!

With these products, the initial material cost is not just a budget line item; these products were created to provide you with a tangible advantage, to become a significantly important part of your Overall Project Strategy. The products have a cost which is sometimes higher, sometimes lower than cardboard. However, the savings and benefits realized and generated with their use can be compounded many times greater than the initial cost difference. The SuperVoid makes you extra $$ money, This is Good and Effective Project Strategy 

Engineers (rightfully so) have concerns about premature and undetected collapse during the concrete placement, with the greatest fear being…. they didn’t get the intended void space required.  With the use of the SuperVoid, engineers across the board have expressed a high degree of reassuring confidence that the specified and intended void has actually been provided by the SuperVoid products, “as drawn and specified”. 

Thanks again for your time, good luck in your bidding and constructing.  I look forward to hearing from you soon…. we’ll be most happy to provide additional information about how our SuperVoid Advantage products will save you time and make you Extra $$ Money.

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