Waterproof Void Forms Structured Air—Collapsible Envelope

Structured Air ”  -   Collapsible Envelope

Dry or Wet


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** Eliminate Costly Structural Crawl Space Designs **

Saddle Pipe Void Systems  -  Critical Plumbing System Protection

Explosion 2: Protection
Expansive SoilExpansive Soil

SuperVoid - Saddle Pipe Void Systems: provide a proven method or means of protection, by isolating individual piping runs from damage potentials. Inconvenient, severe damages and very $$ costly repairs can occur from unguarded Vertical & Lateral Soil Pressures.


When buildings are situated atop Expansive Soils, expanding soils can and potentially will cause: Sanitary Sewer pipe breaks, flow elevation disruption, which will create leaks & slow flow spots to develop.  These slow spots can cause solid waste to begin to accumulate. As the waste accumulates it impedes flow… causing further solid waste accumulations.  This can quickly lead to full flow blockage, requiring extensive repairs or often times with Full Facility Closure…!!!  “NOT GOOD”…!!!


A Building Must have a working Plumbing System..!!!

Concrete Slab

Saddle Pipe Void System

Bit Wobble

Corrects Eccentric

   Muffin Tops

SV - Tru - Top

    Pier Forms

   Muffin Top Piers

SV -  Rigid Retainers


These void space protection or soil backfill retaining panels are created from 95% Recycled Plastics, HDPE .


( Lightweight, Easy Handling & Installation )


The “Ultra – Durable” panels are Very Strong…!!! with reinforcing ribs designed diagonally through the center and at all edges.  This makes the retainer panel centers and edges that are free against the soil or where two members stronger where joined.  These panels are more user/installer friendly, than anything we know of…...


The units may also be installed as bolted to the structure.

Control Diameters & Elevations

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