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Soil Retainers - Protecting The Void Formed Space

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These soil retaining backfill protection products resolve many issues.  Protecting the void spaces created for protecting structures from the effects of expansive soils.  They are made of a special blend of recycled plastic materials.  The reinforced designs provide exceptional strengths and long… lasting protection. 


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Internal / Perimeter

    Rib Reinforced

   HDPE  -  Panels

High Joint Edge


Double Reinforced

Better / Easier / Lighter

Than Concrete  (3 lbs. PSF)

SV — Rigid Retainers

18” to 48” Heights

95%  -  Recycled  Plastics

SV -  Rigid Retainers


These void space protection or soil backfill retaining panels are created from 95% Recycled Plastics, HDPE .


( Lightweight, Easy Handling & Installation )


The “Ultra – Durable” panels are Very Strong…!!! with reinforcing ribs designed diagonally through the center and at all edges.  This makes the retainer panel exceptionally strong at centers and edges that are free against the soil or where two adjacent members are joined.  These panels are more efficient & user/installer friendly, than anything we know of…...


The units may also be installed as bolted to the structure.