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How Do They Work ???

 SuperVoid products...

As soil changes occur with swelling soil volumes, the soils expand primarily upwards towards the surface. This upward pressure causes the SuperVoid products to lose vertical strength. As designed, the pressure mechanically deforms, bends, crumples, crushes the SuperVoid, providing structural protection as a medium of isolation from the potential impact of expansive soils and otherwise damaging uplift pressures. 


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During a soil upheaval event, the pressure of the soil easily bows the bottom plane of the unrestricted midsections of the void upwards with little resistance. 


The bowing action pulls the vertical legs of the void inward.  This distortion causes the void form sides to be drawn to an out of the vertical plane and is   "By Design".

This is the planned, predictable & reliable failure mechanism. 


It initiates the subsequent collapsing of the void, much like an accordion.  This “deformation ”, causes the initial supporting strength of the SuperVoid at casting, to predictably disintegrate.

The soil pressure is thereby isolated from impacting the structure.


It Works Predictably Every Time…!!  Wet or Dry


Expansive Soil Pressure

Void Cover Sheet


  Pulled Inward Out

of the Vertical Plane




Vertical Sides

 SuperVoid  Forms 4”  - 24” High

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End View Top

  Pulled Inward

Deformation During Uplift Loading


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