Problem Soil Locations:

These problematic expansive clay soils are located worldwide and regionally in many southern and central states of the U.S.; Alabama, Colorado, Georgia, Kansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Texas, just to name a few.

These soil types, otherwise characterized as expansive, shrink swell soils, will exhibit potentially damaging and destructive uplift force influences against a buildings structural foundation components, if void spaces and uplifting force relief separation methods are not provided. 

Geotechnical  &  Structural Engineers:

Geotechnical engineers identify and carefully describe the potentially dangerous soils discovered during soil investigations. They also make empirical recommendations for overcoming the soil problem, to be used by the Structural engineers in designing a proposed structure situated on such soils.  Always invest in a complete soil investigation report and the best Structural engineering professionals available, it’s money well spent”.

The Material Difference:   Paper Void Reaction to Water/Moisture

Paper voids or J-Voids are great and time proven products with best use during dry conditions, but can also offer significant jobsite challenges. Contacting damp soils, capillary rise or when it rains... Paper may become… a Problem!!!  Especially in Grade Beams

Paperboard, fiberboard, corrugated cardboard carton box form voids are by nature of a “paper base” material, and therefore subject to being sensitive to water and moisture.  With collected water in Grade Beams, Paper voids may become structurally unstable and must by these characteristics, always be provided with special care and treatment for onsite protective storage facilities, handling and installation vs. weather considerations.

The SuperVoid Advantage:  4” -  6” - 8” - 10” - 12” - 18” - 24”  Void Depths

The SuperVoid Advantage products are specifically engineered with the intent and distinct difference of providing a highly stable range of predictable, dependable, waterproof, void form performance expectations. Generally speaking, with the waterproof product design, the SuperVoid can be used to successfully advance most any Critical Path Construction Schedule, regardless of existing or pending weather related influence.  Especially in Grade Beams...

SuperVoid provides an excellent and otherwise unparalleled, superior working platform during preparations and concrete placement, when used to provide temporary void forming support for suspended or elevated structural concrete slabs and grade beams, post tension work, insulated slab voids, cold climate slabs, grade beam voids, cold storage slab voids, structural pier foundations.

In other words; SuperVoid does not collapse prematurely or unexpectedly   during reinforcement preparation and the most critical periods of concrete placement and finishing processes”. Mechanical Deformation & Crush” 

Made from naturally biodegradable carbon steel, the superior design and uplifting load relief functions of SuperVoid Void Forms , offer building Owners, Designers, Engineers and Contractors, the most predictable and dependable Void Forms available today. 4” - 6” - 8” - 10” - 12” - 18” - 24” Void Depths


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                                               Void Form Product Features:              

                                                      Grade Beams & Slabs



· Predictable Product - The SuperVoid Void Forms are Predictably Consistent


· Dependable Product Performance Volume requirements consistently achieved


· Load Dynamics - Vertical Load Transfers  achieved by mechanical deformation & soil extrusion


·                   -  Void Forms Do not burn, unaffected by sparks or molten slag


·                   - Void Forms Unaffected by rain, standing water, high moisture levels


· Non Buoyant - Void Forms do not float or collapse from influence of water or moisture


·                                  - Void Forms Unaffected by ice, frost or sub-freezing temperatures


· Chemical Resistance - Unaffected by job site liquids, i.e. petroleum based fuels & fluids


· Shipping - Void Forms are stackable and stable during shipping, handling & placement


· Job Site Storage - Void Forms Do Not Require Special Storage, or weather protection


· Thermal Stability - Void Forms are thermally stable, unaffected by high temperatures


· Mold & Mildew -  Void Forms do not attract or support Mold & Mildew Colonies


· Biodegradable - Carbon Steel Void Forms material oxidizes, rusts & degrades naturally


· Anti-Lateral Slide Design - Void Forms ground contact bites into sub-grade materials


· Uneven Grades - Void Forms conform to uneven sub-grades,  contiguous support


· Construction Sequence - Void Forms remain stable during the construction process


· Weather -  Void Forms perform well during or after normal to severe weather events


· No Waiting - Instant performance, mechanical deformation, prescribed design uplift forces



These void forms are also know or called by other names such as:

Carton forms Carton form Carton Void Carton Voids Cardboard forms Cardboard form Cardboard voids Cardboard void Foam voids Void foam Compressible voids Corrugated Fiberboard Forms Corrugated Paperboard forms Paperboard voids Slab void Slab voids Grade beam void Grade beam voids Grade beam form Grade beam forms Grade Wall-Beam voids Beam voids Beam forms Box Void Box forms Void boxes Void former Void formers Post-Tension voids PT voids Cold storage slabs Insulated slabs SOG voids Slab on grade voids Waffle voids Waffle slab forms Waffle slab voids Super Void Forms SuperVoid


At Last !!! SuperVoidWaterproof  Advantage Void Forms or (aka) Carton Forms are professionally engineered Void products. “You can’t control the Weather..but you can buy the SuperVoid Advantage”  Voids are concrete construction Void Forms, used beneath suspended or elevated structural concrete slabs and grade beams anywhere that expansive clay soil problem conditions are found.  Especially for Grade Beams


Can’t Control Weather…. Get the WaterproofSuperVoid Advantage



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