Changes Ahead..!!  For Construction Professionals”


The Waterproof - Advantage


The Waterproof characteristics of the SuperVoid products, are made for “real-jobsite-worldinstallation and real-jobsite-time scheduled progress to continue and proceed daily, under the most difficult wet, muddy jobsite conditions.


Leave yourPAPER products in the office. Start construction of your buildings with SuperVoid void forms.  They are waterproof ON PURPOSE, because they need to be that way!!  These are not meant to be an alternate to the possibility of wet cardboard carton form products. It’s a proven,  engineered and tested design Solution to a long term industry problem.  These voids are the most advanced products and methods of void forming found to date. 


Critical Path Schedules are logical links of planned project activities.  Each activity task link is dependent upon the strength of the planned task link, sequentially ahead of it.  A well thought out schedule can in many respects be compared to a high strength steel chain.  The one thing about a chain, or a rope for that matter, is they only seem to work when the load task is in “tension”.  These objects just won’t work under compression loads. They work when pulling not pushing.


We hear the term sometimes …. “You need to compress the schedule….now… or we won’t make the delivery date”.   Trying to Play Catch Up and schedule compression can sometimes be achieved, but it’s always…. “ hard.”.!!   (Find  a way to pull your project ahead; you can’t always push it there.)


The SuperVoid provides a proven method of capturing the most typical beginning lost days of a project requiring void forms.  With the SuperVoid, a growing number of contractors and engineers have learned new ways to think about achieving important schedule milestones.


These design engineers, architects, contractors, project managers, and the often unsung project hero's; Superintendents, have learned to think and plan this way; Changes...

“ Hey…. We now have waterproof void forms to work with; this is an opportunity for us to make schedule progress. Let’s hook dozers to the concrete trucks for direct discharge situations. Drag them into place from one direction and on out the other way for the next one. For other larger pours, let’s build a temporary road in close enough to reach it with the pumper. Keep installing those void forms until you finish with all of them.  We’ll drag ‘em in again if we need to, but one thing for sure, now we can “GIT ER DONE”…TODAY !!! This will advance our current schedule for the succeeding activities.  We’ll take each of these “precious” extra days saved, for when you really need them most… at the end of the project….”  


“ Go figure …!!”, AND.. You’ll start putting the SuperVoid in your schedules TODAY...!!            


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