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“ Waterproof ” Carton Forms for Grade Beams / Wall Beams & Concrete Slabs

Using the information provided in ACI—347 & ACI—347—SP—4) Guide to Form Work, The SuperVoid products are designed to help us meet and exceed these important guidelines. Void Forming is “Serious Business”, thus we have created the SuperVoid.


The SuperVoid products provide a unique and dependable void forming method, with safe and certain results every time.  The dangers of Expansive Soils, are the volumetric changes, increases/decreases in soil volume. These changes are most often due to climatic changes affecting the underlying soil moisture levels.


As these soil changes occur with resulting increased volumes, the soils expand primarily upwards towards the surface. This creates upward pressure, this pressure causes the SuperVoid products to lose vertical strength. As designed, the pressure mechanically deforms, bends, crumples, crushes the SuperVoid, providing structural protection as a medium of isolation from the potential impact of expansive soils and otherwise damaging uplift pressures. 

Text Box: SuperVoid Forms:        Void Heights  4” thru 36”  ( One Piece Heights )
Text Box: Waterproof  -  “ No Worries “


The Waterproof Advantage


The SuperVoid is the most advanced product and method of void forming found to date.  The Waterproof characteristics of the product, allow for installation to continue under the most difficult wet, muddy jobsite conditions.  

Text Box: 4” High-Void

Cover Sheet

Text Box: 6” High-Void Text Box: 24” High-Void

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